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Love our style but have a specific design in mind? Work with Marisa and our Custom Sales team to design a Fine Jewelry piece all your own! We will work with you to make one-fo-a-kind Fine Jewelry, help you repurpose stones you already own, or alter certain Fine Jewelry pieces from our collection to your specifications. See below for more information on each step of the process.


Our Custom Sales team will work with you to design your dream ring within the scope of the style of work we do. Once the design is approved, we will produce a quote and a timeline, and get the project onto Marisa's workbench.
You can provide family stones or have Marisa source the perfect stone for you.

02 | Carve and Cast

Marisa will personally carve the wax model of the piece you have designed together, and send it off to be cast. We use the Lost Wax casting method, in which a mold is made from the carved wax model, and then the fianl peice is cast from that mold.

03 | Set and Polish

Once we receive the metal casting in our Santa Barbara studio, Masria sets to work polishing, shaping and putting finishing touches on the piece, before sending it to our stone setter in Oakland for any stones to be hand set.

    Gold ring with green stone and gold granulation details
    Gold ring with oval teal stone an granulations all around it
    gold ring with diamond in the center, and three engraved leaves on either side of the diamond
    gold ring with diamond and gold detail
    gold ring with organically shaped diamond
    gold ring with pink stone and gold granulations about it

Next Steps

Ready to start a custom project? Just send us an email with your ideas for the piece, and we'll take it from there. We can only work on a certain number of custom projects at a time, and usually get the busiest at the end of the calendar year, but you can always email us with your ideas and we will get back to you as soon as possible.