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CIRCLE STUDS Earrings Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with turquoise points, Gold,  Gold with Diamonds, Gold with Turquoise Marisa Mason Jewelry
CIRCLE STUDS Earrings Sterling Silver / Pair,Sterling Silver / Single,Sterling Silver with Turquoise / Pair,Sterling Silver with Turquoise / Single,14K Gold / Pair,14K Gold / Single,Gold with Turquoise / Pair,Gold with Turquoise / Single,Gold with Diamonds / Pair,Gold with Diamonds / Single Marisa Mason Jewelry

Marisa Mason Jewelry


Delicate circle stud earrings, available in sterling silver or 14K yellow gold. Can have additional diamonds or turquoise added to the center of the studs, and can be sold as singles or a pair. 
Hand carved and cast, these earrings are handmade and assembled in our Oakland jewelry studio and the stones are handset in San Francisco.

Our fine pieces with diamonds or turquoise set in them can take a bit longer then our regular pieces to make, sometimes 1-2 weeks. If you need a piece with a set stone in them by a certain date, please email us at when placing the order and we will do our best to make it happen!